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1.Fallen Heroes' Square

A good starting point for the background to the battle of Stalingrad as well as a short history of the city. There are a number of sights to see in this “Red Square” such as the International Grave, the Eternal flame and the Poplar tree …

2.Defense Committee Bunker/
A 26-meter deep, concrete and steel construction which was built for a special administrative unit -  the Defence Committee of Stalingrad .

3. Drama theatre

One of the significant surviving buildings which gives an insight into the cultural life of the former Soviet Union. Visiting this place is necessary to understand the moral values of the defenders of Stalingrad

. 4.Rail Station 1

Germans' military plan was to quickly take or destroy strategically important objectives like rail stations.
Russians had their own plans about the rail station in Stalingrad which made the place a separate bloody battlefield.

4.Old Stalingrad buildings/"Nail Factory"

Some buildings were saved as memorials , together with the former street names. The battle-scarred walls tell their own story of the severe fighting for them

5.Memorial to Chuikov

Chuikov was one of the most talented and respected commander of the Stalingrad Front. He managed to hold Stalingrad for long enough which gave the Red Army the chance to prepare the counterattack. This was the beginning of the road to Berlin.





6.Mamai Hill
This is called “ the main height of Russia” for good reason. The ensemble has the ”eternal flame” and regular changing of the guard in all weathers.



1.Grain Elevator

This continues to be used as such although it is obviously of historical importance


Factory area
This is made up of three factories: the Red October factory, the Barrikady gun factory and the Tractor Plant. The final German attack in this area was followed by the Russian counter-attack in November 1942

Lyudnikov's Island

This island was a small piece of land held by Liudnikov’s 138th Rifle Division in November 1942. The whole story is incredible but true. The ruins of the divisional command post still remain behind the Barrikady Gun factory.

Tractor Plant
 was finally captured by Germans in October 1942 but at a very high price but their moral was broken inside the factories of Stalingrad.

Soldiers' Field 

The memorial is on the outskirts of the city. Its background is a touching story of the girl who had never received her father's last letter. The area around the monument also illustrates the organization of the city defensive line...


Gumrak rail station
and its settlement eye-witnessed the last days tragedy of the German troops in the pocket. HQ of the German 6th Army and Gumrak airfield are associated with the place.

The church in Gorodische
 makes a live story of how the two clashing regimes challenged the traditional religions.

Reconciliation memorial/25 km outside the city/ is an impressive memorial of the two former enemies now seeking for reconciliation...

Panoramic museum

and its vast exhibition is usually visited either on the first or the last day of the tour for a foreword or summary of your program.


Compared to the one- day tour we shall have time to deeper analyze the reasons of the WWII and speak of why two regimes with similar features appeared at about the same time in Germany and Russia.  Also see the common political methods Hitler and Stalin used to turn Germany and the Soviet Union into powerful military units eagerly following their leaders. We shall put seemingly unrelated details into a big historical picture. The program will be now split into three basic stages of the battle: period of the Russian retreat, war of attrition in the city and Russian counterattack.

We shall provide you with maps, itinerary and brief sightseeing plan either before you come to Volgograd/email/ or when you arrive in Volgograd.. All the sights will be illustrated with original WWII pictures. Most of our information is based on personal accounts of Stalingraders and participants of the battle .



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